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The Te Kura Tennis club has a vision to both encourage and develop junior tennis.
We also aim to create a family friendly environment by providing opportunities within the club for all family members. Our goal is to support programmes for junior players, Ladies mid-week players and senior players. We welcome both recreational and competitive players.

Club History

The club started from very small beginnings when a group of local residents got permission to use the Chch Boys High School (CBHS) courts. A decision was made to form a club and on 18 August1980 the club was formed as an Incorporated Society.

In the early days the members expanded slowly and on Saturday afternoon there were organized games and then those that wished went to someones place for the socializing part of tennis. It was a different home each week and everybody took their own drink and a plate of food. These were really fun times and often went well in to the night.

The next stage was to erect a small shed to house some equipment adjacent to the court as the membership constantly grew.

On the 4 July 1991 the club obtained a “licence to occupy” agreement with CBHS which included being able to erect clubrooms and two courts. The clubrooms were completed in 1992. A lot of the work was completed with voluntary labour from members. Two courts were completed in 1993.

The foresight of a few very active members was to further expand the facilities. After lengthy discussions with CBHS and Education Department a further “licence to occupy” was obtained with the approval to complete 4 courts with a plexipave surface and lighting. The lighting option met some opposition from neighbours but with some changes to the proposal the Chch City Council gave permission. CBHS was to have use of the courts as well.

The next challenge was to raise funds and with some assistance from CBHS, many charities and council loans the goal was met. The courts were completed in April 1995 and the lighting in November 1996.

With the 4 new plexipave courts, 6 school courts and clubrooms the club had some of the best facilities in Christchurch. The club membership grew with large Junior members and a strong senior membership with many competition teams and a team in the senior A competition.

CBHS hockey section wanted to have a better training surface especially in the winter and proposed to complete an artificial grass (sand based) surface on 3 courts. This could be used for hockey and tennis with the use of moveable nets. The club agreed to the proposal and assisted in raising the substantial funds needed. This was completed in 2002.

The clubs existence and successful growth with fine facilities would not have been possible without the co-operation of Ch-Ch Boys High School. It has been important that both parties have been able to work together to develop these facilities.

So from small beginnings the club has developed into one of the biggest and with some of the best facilities in Christchurch. The Junior members seem to be always expanding but sadly the Senior membership dwindles. Tennis is a great game but like any sport it is important to learn the skills at an early age. Hopefully with so many juniors playing in time the senior membership will improve.

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