There is one ladder for all age groups. Age will be displayed on ladder next to players name.

Participants need be club members and play for a junior interclub team (or playing ability is approved by the ladder organizer). To register VIA EMAIL to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Provide age, gender, numbers (cell and home). Must contact the person by phone.

Official ladder days are Saturdays 1pm, (which means that ladder challenge matches will have first right to the hard courts), but challenges can be arranged at other times to suit both players.

Prizes at prize giving: Most wins. Most ladder positions gained.

Ladder positions within age groups will determine club champs seedings on March 21st/22nd this year. You must be on the ladder to gain a seeding. These age group ladders (U10, U12, U14 and 15-18 will all be displayed on the website from March 9 (once new registrations have been accumulated), however the ALL-AGE GROUPS ladder is the “functional ladder” and dictates who you can challenge. 


New players in 2015 need to register for the ladder by Friday March 6 2015 before 5pm in order to placed according to configure ranking. First official Ladder day is Sat September 21st 2pm.


A player's initial place on the ladder will be determined by Configure Ranking points (adjustments can be made at ladder coordinator's or club coach's discretion.


A player on the ladder, may only challenge a player three positions higher than the challenger on the ALL-AGE GROUPS LADDER.


A player registering for the ladder later than Friday March 6 2015, may only challenge one of the bottom three players

on the ladder.

The ladder coordinator reserves the right to arrange special challenges, including the right for a new club member and to challenge anyone in their Configure Ranking singles band, (eg. S10) and adjust the ladder on the basis of the result obtained.

(All info about configure rankings can be found here: under “help”) Note: Ladder matches will not count towards Configure points.


A player is permitted only one challenge at any one time. A player is not permitted to challenge a person already challenged.


The challenger must email the ladder organizer with the challenge (email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) giving the date of the challenge and player challenged and then notify the player challenged within 24 hours.


All matches must be played within 7 days of the date of the challenge.

All matches are to be on Club courts unless agreed by both parties.



12 years and under first to 6 games.

13 years and over play first to 9 (with a first to 7pt tie breaker at 8 all).

If a younger player is challenging an older player the game will be played as per the older persons interclub rules.


The challenger is to provide new or good used balls acceptable to both players.


A challenged player cannot be re-challenged by the same player within fourteen days of the previous challenge.


After a match is completed, the winner of the match MUST EMAIL the ladder co-ordinater with the result (exact score) within 24 hours of the challenge.

If the challenger wins the match, (or the challenged player defaults) he or she will take the position on the ladder of the challenged player. The challenged players position and the remaining positions on the ladder shall be adjusted accordingly.


If a player is unable to participate in ladder challenges, due to sickness or injury (or out of town for a certain period of time) he or she can request via email to the ladder organizer that they be exempt from challenges (temporarily, and can be reinstated in the same place).


If a player has ceased to be an active participant in ladder challenges (specific time period without a match, One month, assuming that player is not temporarily exempt), his or her name may be removed from the ladder by the ladder co-ordinator after consultation with the player concerned.


All disputes are to be referred to the ladder co-ordinator VIA EMAIL, and their decision shall be final.


The ladder will be updated on the ladder page of the club website from the result sheet, weekly.

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