Te Kura Tennis Club – Hot Shots coaching guidelines for parents.


Coaching Objectives:-

  1. ensure tennis is fun so children fall in love with the game

  2. Improve children’s skills and understanding of the game

  3. Children strive to improve, aided by the dedication and skills of the coaching team and the structure of the coaching programme. 


  1. Parents need to register their child for Hot Shots coaching by 31/8/2014 to ensure a place in the 2014-15 Summer programme. Late registrations will be considered but players can only be entered if there are vacancies in an appropriate group and time.

  2. Parents should read the info about THS provided on the website before filling out the registration form.

  3. It is the priority of the Head Coach and the Junior Administrator to place participants in the most appropriate group at the available times. (We will attempt, but cannot guarantee, to fulfill requests to play with friends.

  4. THS uses modified court sizes and ball compressions, which are designed to help juniors learn relevant skills so they can “play the game” and have fun! As players get older and achieve certain “competencies” they will progress through the pathway from Red → Green Ball coaching and then Green or Yellow Ball interclub. However: it is not a race!!

  5. The coaches' goal is to help all players achieve the “competencies” set out for the respective stage through the course of one season. Follow the links for the THS competencies: THS Red Ball CompetenciesTHS Orange Ball competenciesTHS Green Ball Competencies (the points in bold are the minimum requirements before advancing to the next stage).

  6. At the end of each term and season the Head Coach will discuss with the THS coaches, whether players should advance to the next stage and will then contact the respective parents to discuss.

  7. In some cases age or physicality may be a barrier to advancing to a higher/faster bouncing ball or larger court. In this case coaches will focus on developing the more advanced skills (the competencies not in bold).

  8. Parents may request that their child by elevated to the next stage of Hot Shots IF they believe the competencies for that stage have been met. In this case, please email the head coach on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (please do not interrupt the coaches on court).

  9. Progression from a THS Green Coaching, usually means entering Interclub. In this case, please refer to the Interclub guidelines.

  10. There will be numerous match play opportunities for all THS participants throughout the season in the form of "Hot Shots Match Play"and tournaments. More Info can be found on the website under Juniors.


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