Te Kura Tennis Club – Challenger policies and guidelines for parents.



  1. Players may request to play Challenger on the junior registration form having first reviewed the Challenger Guidelines. Registrations are due by 31 August 2014.

  2. Players must want to seriously improve their tennis. Therefore, playing challenging matches is prioritized above playing with friends.

  3. There is an expectation that Challenger players will compete in the Club Champs, club tournaments and Ladder competitions. They are also encouraged to enter regional tournaments. Regional tournament info and entry forms can be found at www.canterburytennis.co.nz and Te Kura ladder info at http://www.tekuratennis.co.nz/juniors

  4. There is an expectation that Challenger players devote their own time to practice.

  5. Players must be available for interclub practice on their specified practice night ie. tennis takes priority over other sports. The practice nights for Challenger in 2014-15 will be Monday and Tuesday so at least one of these nights (and ideally both of these nights to help us with the formation of teams) should be free of other commitments. 

  6. Challenger matches will take place on Friday night.

  7. Having met the other requirements, challenger selection will be based on ‘ability’  – assessment of ‘ability’ is at the sole discretion of the club coach. 

  8. The formation of teams will be based on a number of factors, including the coach's assessment of ability, past interclub and club champs performance and the team dynamic (past team mates, age etc). Ranking points will also be taken into account to increase the chances of our players competing in a suitable grade. 

  9. Teams are entered into Challenger grades by Tennis Canterbury (ie. Grades 1,2,3,4/reserve) based on the team’s average ‘configure ranking' points.

  10. Players should be familiar with the 'configure ranking' system: info at http://www.tennis.org.nz/ click on the 'help' button.

  1. For the upcoming season, playing order within a team will operate under the same system as Senior Interclub - that means that teams must play in BAND order so a S6 must play ahead of S7's etc - if we have multiple players in the same band they may play in any order. In this case the team's coach will decide the order of players who are in the same band during the first two weeks practice of the season. These players will have the opportunity to ‘challenge’ team members until 31 October, but players (or their parents) must ask the head coach for permission and challenges must be played outside of the team's coaching time. Any concerns about the team order after this date may be discussed with the head coach, preferably by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Playing order is set for the season with Tennis Canterbury at the beginning of November. 

  2. If you have read all the guidelines and are still unsure of whether to apply for challenger, please contact the head coach before registrations close on 31/8/14.




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