Te Kura Tennis Club – Interclub guidelines for parents.



  1. Interclub is for players who are ready to play competitive matches.

  2. For players who wish to enter interclub for the first time, the Head Coach must be confident that the player has achieved certain “competencies”. These are described here: Please note that the 9s or 10s agegroups are played with a 75% compression “green ball” and the 11s age group and above are played with a yellow ball. So if a junior 11 or older is entering interclub for the first time, they must reach these competencies with a yellow ball.

  3. Parents who would like their child to play interclub need to be familiar with the interclub guidelines and register by       31 August 2014.

  4. Late registrations will also be considered but players can only be entered if there are spaces in a team at an appropriate level.

  5. The Head Coach and Junior Administrator will attempt to place every player in a team at the appropriate age group and division. Requests to be paired with friends will be considered but cannot be guaranteed.

  6. Practice days also play a role in the formation of teams. So the more available practice days indicated on the registration form, the better the chance is of entering the player in an ideal team.

  7. Ideally the Head Coach will be familiar with the playing level, but for players who are new to Te Kura, we strongly recommend entering in pre-season coaching options (Holiday Tennis Camps or Winter Coaching) to help us place you in an appropriate team.

  8. Experienced or strong players may wish to play above their age group. Parents should indicate this on the membership form.

  9. Particularly strong players, may wish to play challenger and should familiarize themselves with the challenger info on this website.

  10. Each interclub team has 5 players. 4 players play in each tie and must play according to their “team order”.

  11. The team order is initially decided by the team's coach during the first two weeks of practice. There will be an opportunity to ‘challenge’ team members prior to the order being set for the season but players (or their parents) must ask the head coach for permission and challenges must be played outside of the team's coaching time. Tennis Canterbury require the order to be set for the 2014-15 season early in November. Any concerns about the team order after this date may be discussed with the head coach, preferably by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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