The THS program is Tennis New Zealand’s official development program for primary aged children. It involves three key components:

1. A “learning through play” philosophy

2. The use of scaled equipment i.e. smaller courts, racquets and low-compression balls

3. A progressive pathway via the blue, red, orange and green stages The kids progress through the stages as they get older and reach certain levels of competency. Along the way they have plenty of opportunities to serve, rally and score. So by the time they join interclub, they'll be confident serving overarm from the baseline, they can rally consistently, and they can self-umpire their matches.

This relatively new programme has some major advantages over some of the older "traditional" coaching methods. The modified equipment and the improved methods of our coaches mean the the kids will hit more balls, spend minimal time standing in queues and learn more relevant skills – no matter what stage they enter the program. Secondly, the modified equipment means it is possible, and less daunting, for kids to play real matches.

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"Learning through play”

At the core of Tennis Hot Shots is an innovative, practical philosophy called “Learning through play”. This means that playing the game of tennis, or modified versions of the game, is the central feature of Tennis Hot Shots sessions.

During Tennis Hot Shots sessions activities cater for the developmental readiness of each player.

Fun: players are actively engaged, excited and motivated to participate.

Tactical/Play: players think and make decisions about meaningful tennis situations.

Skills: players have plenty of opportunities to improve their tennis skills.

Social: players build social skills such as working cooperatively with a partner, building friendships, encouraging teammates and showing sportsmanship during game play.


THS New Zealand Website

Tennis NZ's Hotshots website is online now at http://www.tennishotshots.co.nz/

Here you can read what hotshots is all about and if you are enrolled in THS coaching at Te Kura, you can register your child to receive monthly email updates as well as monthly competitions and prizes up for grabs.


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